Advanced Techniques in Liposuction and Fat Transfer

Edited by Nikolay Serdev

240 pages

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Liposuction is the first cosmetic procedure to change beutification surgery from open extensive excision surgery into a more atraumatic closed one. It gave rise to the modern understanding of minimally scarring and minimally invasive surgery and changed the understanding and preferences of both patients and doctors. It also became the most common procedure in cosmetic surgery world-wide, practiced by an increased number of physicians from various specialties.

The techniques of fat grafting, closely bound with liposuction, have found widespread application and fat stem cells seem to be changing the future of many areas in medicine.

Turning the pages, the reader will find a lot of information about advances, tips and tricks, as well as important milestones in the development of the different methods available, such as classic, power, ultrasound, laser and radio-frequency assisted liposuction etc.

Most useful anesthesia techniques are described and discussed, and guidelines have been established for medical indications. Special attention is paid to good patient selection, complications and risks.

Chapter 1
Application of the Liposuction Techniques and Principles in Specific Body Areas and Pathologies by Diego Schavelzon, Louis Habbema, Stefan Rapprich, Peter Lisborg , Guillermo Blugerman, Jorge A. D’Angelo, Andrea Markowsky, Javier Soto, Rodrigo Moreno and Maria Siguen

Chapter 2
Liposuction and Fat Graft to Enhance Facial Contour in Reconstructive Surgery – Nine Years Experience with the use of Peridural Cannula by Claudia Gutiérrez Gómez, Marcia Pérez Dosal and Alexander Cardenas Mejia

Chapter 3
Novel Liposuction Techniques for the Treatment of HIV-Associated Dorsocervical Fat Pad and Parotid Hypertrophy by Harvey Abrams and Karen L. Herbst

Chapter 4
Lipoplasty of the Back by Francisco Agullo, Sadri O. Sozer and Humberto Palladino

Chapter 5
Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) vs. Traditional Liposuction: Quantification and Comparison of Tissue Shrinkage and Tightening by Gordon H. Sasaki, Ana Tevez and Erica Lopez Ulloa

Chapter 6
Larger Infiltration/Aspiration Volumes, Plasma/ Subcutaneous Fluid Lidocaine Levels and Quantitative Abdominal Tissue Accommodation After Water-Assisted Liposuction (WAL): Comparative Safety and Efficacy to Traditional Liposuction (TL) by Gordon H. Sasaki

Chapter 7
Gynoid Lipodystrophy Treatment and Other Advances on Laser-Assisted Liposuction by Alberto Goldman, Sufan Wu, Yi Sun, Diego Schavelzon and Guillermo Blugerman

Chapter 8
Radio-Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) by Guillermo Blugerman, Malcolm D. Paul, Diego Schavelzon, R. Stephen Mulholland, Matthias Sandhoffer, Peter Lisborg, Antonio Rusciani, Mark Divaris and Michael Kreindel

Chapter 9
Ultrasound Assisted Liposculpture – UAL: A Simplified Safe Body Sculpturing and Aesthetic Beautification Technique by Nikolay P. Serdev

Chapter 10
Advanced Lipotransfer Techniques by Guillermo Blugerman, Roger Amar, Diego Schavelzon, Marco A. Pelosi II, Marco A. Pelosi III, Javier A. Soto, Anastasia Chomyszyn, Maurizio Podda, Andrea V. Markowsky, Jorge A. D’Angelo and Rodrigo Moreno

Chapter 11
Processing of Lipoaspirate Samples for Optimal Mesenchymal Stem Cells Isolation by Leandra Baptista, Karina Silva, Carolina Pedrosa and Radovan Borojevic

Chapter 12
Stem Cell Enriched Fat Transfer by Maurizio Ceccarelli and J. Víctor García

Chapter 13
Complications of Liposuction by Francisco J. Agullo, Humberto Palladino and Sadri O. Sozer

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1704_nProf. Dr Nikolay Petrov Serdev, MD, PhD (b. April 26, 1948) is a Sofia, Bulgaria based board certified specialist in General Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery. He is both Professor and Director of the International University Program in Cosmetic Surgery at New Bulgarian University. Dr. Serdev is a graduate of the Sofia Medical University, and trained in General and then Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the Military Medical Academy, and Aesthetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine Medical Center in Sofia. He was a Deputy Head and acting Head of the Burns Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Department of the Military Medical Academy in 1991-1996 and National consultant in Cosmetic (Aesthetic) Surgery medical specialty at the Ministry of Health, Bulgaria in 2006-2008. His PhD Thesis concerned early diagnosis and treatment of “Stress Ulcers”. He has innovations and a Patent in Fresh keratinocyte treatment of open wounds. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Serdev, MD, PhD works recently as a aesthetic/cosmetic surgeon who has trained hundreds of doctors globally in aesthetic surgery and minimally invasive medical procedures. Dr. Nikolay Serdev is a founder member of the European Society of Aesthetic Surgery and the International Board of Cosmetic Surgery. He is a Honorary President of the Bulgarian Society of Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, Honorary Professor of the New Bulgarian University, the International College of Cosmetic Surgery, the South East Asia College of Cosmetic Surgery, Honorary member of the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery, South American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, French Society of Aesthetic Surgery and numerous other international societies, member of editorial and senior advisory boards of several European and International aesthetic surgery and medicine journals. Dr. Nikolay Serdev is the author of scarless Serdev Suture® lifts of face and body areas and pioneer in many mini-invasive cosmetic surgery techniques: ultrasound liposculpture of face and body, and leg elongation and beautification; T-excision and columella sliding rhinoplasty; Surgical and non-surgical body contouring, and combination approaches to facial volumising and rejuvenation; Hemorrhoid ligation without excision; avascular selective proximal vagotomy (S.P.V.) in gastro-duodenal-ulcer (GDU) and stress ulcer. Dr. Nikolay Serdev is a world authority in Ultrasound-assisted liposculpturing and VASER body contouring and has trained doctors from around the world in its basic and advanced techniques. The scarless Serdev Suture® lifting methods is used in all parts of the face and some of the body to correct early ptosis and flabbiness of the tissue. Dr. Serdev’s suture techniques are internationally recognised and are known as short downtime procedures. Serdev Sutures® for lifting and/or volumising undertaken on the face include, amongst others: temporal, supra-temporal, mid-face, and lower SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) lifts; brow lift; chin and cheekbone enhancement without implants; nose tip and alar refinement; ear correction. Scarless Serdev Suture procedures on other body areas include, amongst others: buttock lift; breast lift; inner thigh lift. In early ptosis these non-scarring elastic suture methods are an alternative to classic excision facelifts and body part dermolipectomies. Dr. Serdev divides his time between his clinic, the New Bulgarian University in Sofia and short travels for hands-on courses in countries of all continents. Dr. Nikolay Serdev authored many publications in surgery, plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, cosmetic surgery and medicine, original papers in leading medical journals, book chapters and has been appointed book editor.