Aesthetic Clinic Marketing in the Digital Age, 2nd Edition

2nd Edition

ISBN 9780367405182

136 Pages 1 Color & 17 B/W Illustrations

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Aesthetic practitioners and medical spas have flourished, and global statistics indicate that consumer engagement is at an all-time high. The rise of social media provides new ways to connect with consumers and differentiate clinics that stand out in the marketplace. For busy clinic managers and practitioners, keeping up with the nuances of digital media trends is practically a full-time job. With over 25 years of experience in medical aesthetics, Wendy Lewis shares her deep understanding of the challenges aesthetic practitioners face to effectively market their products and services, manage patients, and increase profits. This updated text is the definitive expert user’s guide written specifically for healthcare professionals and medical spa managers to present best practices and actionable strategies for mastering digital marketing, social media, branding, and the advent of AI. It is a must-read for aesthetic practitioners to keep up with the latest developments they need to manage their businesses effectively in this highly competitive field.