Atlas of Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology

Atlas of Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology

Anatomy and Techniques with step by step description

Editor Mario Goisis


Inna Apollinika

Rajat Gupta

April 2018

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Cosmetic and functional gynecology is a fast emerging eld. All the routine treatments

are clear described (prp,fillers, laser, surgery). Special very innovative sections include regenerative medicine treatments with microfat, nanofat and stem cells. The techniques are demonstrated clinically and anatomically by more than 500 images. Just follow the step by step description and you will perform successful and safe procedures.

Antropology 1

Anatomy 11

Anaesthesia 23

Vulvar microfat 29

Vulvar rejuvenation 41

Dryness 47

G-spot 55

Incontinence 65

Cellularmatrix 77

Vulvar Hyaluronic Acid 83

Vaginoplasty 87

Laser 95

PRP 103

Vulvar Radiesse 109

Materials 113

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