Chemical peels


Authors: Giuseppe Maria Izzo, Paola Tarantino

  • Packaging and Size: Cartonato (17×24 cm)
  • Total pages: 308
  • Publication date: 02/2024
  • Book language: English
  • Label: ActaMedica

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This book describes the basic methods for skin peeling, the variety of chemical agents used, their potential side effects, and how to avoid them. The authors provide an up-to-date analysis of all currently available chemical peels for dermatologic use through several clinical cases and videos.

This work is intended to be a guide to properly approach this fascinating medical practice, and a point of comparison with colleagues who are already experts in the practice of chemical peels.

“In this work of ours we wanted to take stock of the current development of peeling systems, and not limit ourselves to a mere classification and technical specification of each preparation. We aimed to describe, point by point, through our work experience, how each system was utilized throughout a series of clinical cases, each an example of the use of these new and safe preparations which were supplied to us by chemists, and tested “live” by us for them, as is the norm in aesthetic medicine. We believe that in this way, with the contribution of well-known Italian and foreign specialists, we were able to provide our colleagues with a unique tool that will allow them to treat the pathologies and blemishes sensitive to the substances used such as peeling agents, with caution, but without fear”

Giuseppe Maria Izzo