Closed Rhinoplasty

Illustrated technical manual

Author: Carlo Gasperoni

Hardcover 17×24 cm

240 Pages

249 images 188 photos 61 drawings
15 clinical cases
20 videos

Printed in March 2022

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The closed rhinoplasty respects the anatomy even if it modifies the cartilages and the bones of the nose in order to reach, in addition to beauty and naturalness, also a normally breathing nose. This book is a practical guide to closed rhinoplasty derived from fifty years of the author’s experience with this technique.

Rhinoplasty, even if well performed, may not give the desired result. It is, therefore, necessary to know that further adjustments are possible, even if not frequent. The rhinoplasty according to Joseph, from which the one performed by me derives, which limits itself to changing the morphology of the various anatomical components, can be further retouched, even by those who have not performed primary rhinoplasty. Those who undertake this task will not find themselves facing a new entity, which happens in the “open” case, where there is unknown anatomy, with cicatricial stratifications and grafts that turn the product of this technique a surprise. Instead, it may refer to anatomy that has not been much altered and which therefore constitutes a new reliable starting point, which allows further modifications without fear of taking risks. Carlo Gasperoni

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