Comprehensive Aesthetic Rejuvenation: A Regional Approach


    • Approaches the topic from the patient’s perspective: what part of the body is the problem?
    • Explores multimodal approaches to healthy skin
    • Discusses hair loss and transplantation and the new growth agent for eyelashes
    • Examines new developments in less invasive fat and cellulite treatments

178 Pages – 214 Color & 28 B/W Illustrations

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Publications on aesthetic rejuvenation often start with the treatment—such as fillers or lasers—and then work back to the patient problem. Comprehensive Aesthetic Rejuvenation: A Regional Approach starts from the perspective of what the patient perceives as the problem region of the body. It then moves to the appropriate range of treatments that can be offered and discusses how outcomes can be improved.

Topics include:

  • The new growth agent for eyelashes
  • Multimodal approaches to healthy skin
  • Aesthetic considerations in ethnic skin
  • Hair loss and transplantation
  • New developments in less invasive fat and cellulite treatments
  • Body contouring surgery

Enhanced with more than 200 color illustrations, this volume is an essential resource for all aesthetic and plastic surgeons.

Table of Contents

Skin aging and function, Howard Murad
Cosmeceuticals, Gurpreet Ahluwalia
Achieving healthy skin through a multimodality approach, Howard Murad

Facial rejuvenation
Introduction to facial rejuvenation, Andrew L. DaLio
The aging process on the face, Andrew L. DaLio
Laser rejuvenation, H. Ray Jalian and Andrew Nelson
Eyes, lashes, and brows! Approaches to periorbital rejuvenation, Joseph F. Greco, Anastasia Soare, Frederick Beddingfield, and Jenny Kim
Midface rejuvenation: Fillers for augmentation of the cheeks and nasolabial folds, Derek Jones and James C. Collyer
Perioral rejuvenation, Frederick Beddingfield, Diane Murphy, Cherilyn Sheets, Andrew Nelson, and Jenny Kim
Surgical interventions for the aging face: Rhytidectomy (facelift), Tom S. Liu and Andrew L. DaLio

Introduction to hair, Jamie Zussman
Structure and function of hair, Gurpreet Ahluwalia
What factors play a role in unhealthy hair? Jamie Zussman
Aesthetic hair care, Corey Powell
Excess hair, David Beynet
Hair loss and hair transplantation, Paul J. McAndrews

Body Rejuvenation
Introduction to fat and body rejuvenation, Andrew L. DaLio
The impact of obesity, Andrew L. DaLio
Approach to cellulite and fat, Daniel I. Wasserman, Mathew Avram, Andrew Nelson, and Andrew L. DaLio
Body contouring surgery, Andrew L. DaLio
Breast contouring surgery, Andrew L. DaLio

Beauty and aging in ethnic skin
The aging process in ethnic skin, Quyn S. Rahman and Stefani Takahashi
Hyperpigmentation and skin-lightening agents, Quyn S. Rahman and Stefani Takahashi
Aesthetic treatments, Quyn S. Rahman and Stefani Takahashi
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Authors: Jenny Kim, Gary Lask, Andrew Nelson


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