Concise Dermatology

Edited by Rashmi Sarkar. Associated editors Anupam Das, Sumit Sethi
1st Edition

Hardback – 26×18.3x2cm – 278 Pages – 257 Color and 5 B/W Illustrations

Language: English

Copyright Year 2021

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As the comprehensive textbooks of Dermatology grow longer and more specialized, there is a need for a text to cut the subject back to the essentials a medical professional needs to know. This concise text from an internationally respected editor presents the most important points about the most significant topics in disease of the skin, hair, and nails; any medical professional will find here the material for a solid grounding in the subject.

  • Covers the range of dermatology in a consistently manageable level of detail
  • Answers the need for a reliable concise guide for medical professionals in all specialties
  • Offers a straightforward and approachable synopsis of the subject
Table of Contents & List of Contributors

1. An introduction to skin and skin disease (Rashmi Sarkar and Anupam Das)
2. Signs and symptoms of skin disease (Anupam Das and Rashmi Sarkar)
3. Skin infections (Shankila Mittal and Rashmi Sarkar)
4. Infestations, insect bites and stings (Sumit Sethi)
5. Immunologically mediated skin disorders (Yasmeen Jabeen Bhat)
6. Blistering skin disorders (Pooja Agarwal and Rashmi Sarkar)
7. Skin disorders in AIDS, immunodeficiency, and venereal disease (Rashmi Sarkar and Indrashis Podder)
8. Eczema (dermatitis) (Sumit Sethi)
9. Psoriasis and lichen planus (Shruti Surwade)
10. Acne, rosacea and similar disorders (Pooja Agarwal)
11. Wound healing and ulcers (Shekhar Neema)
12. Benign tumours (Rashmi Sarkar and Isha Narang) 
13. Malignant disease of the skin (Anupam Das)
14. Skin problems in infancy and old age (Sumit Sethi and Rashmi Sarkar)
15. Disorders of keratinization and other genodermatoses (Aparajita Ghosh and Anupam Das)
16. Metabolic disorders and reticulohistiocytic proliferative disorders (Soumya Jagadeesan)
17. Disorders of hair and nails (Sumit Sethi)
18. Systemic disease and the skin (Anupam Das)
19. Disorders of pigmentation (Rashmi Sarkar and Anupam Das)


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