Let Go of the Hand Brake



Turbo Boosting Your Profits from Aesthetics

The Ultimate Marketing Tool

For Your Facial Aesthetics Business

530 pages

Dimensions: 14 x 3 x 21.6 cm

First edition (4 Mar. 2018)






Get Ahead of Your Competition

In this book, you’ll discover that any business success relies on the three concepts of attraction, conversion and retention of patients. If you can master all three, you’ll be able to turbo boost your profits from aesthetics. You’ll discover in this book:

• The 3 M’s of the marketing mix

• My number one lead generation strategy that costs you no money upfront

• How to reward salons and stay on the right side of the regulators

• Which one sentence you need to use during the assessment that will keep you patients for life

• The 4 P’s that will significantly reduce patient complaints • How to carry out a full aesthetics assessment so your patients will request more and buy more of your services – don’t be a line chaser

• My ‘GOLDEN TICKET’ strategy that influences patients to keep on coming back • Why 99% of practitioners use gift vouchers the wrong way

• How to create ‘raving fan customers’ so they can’t stop telling their family and friends about your services

About the Author Dr Harry Singh

About the Author Dr Harry Singh

Dr Harry Singh has been carrying out facial aesthetics since 2002 and has treated over 4,000 cases.

In his last dental practice (aesthetics) he ended up doing more facial aesthetics than dentistry. Due to the very high-profit margins associated with facial aesthetics, he decided to just concentrate on facial aesthetics.

He currently has over 950 facial aesthetic patients. He is not only a skillful facial aesthetician but a keen marketer which he feels is vital to attract and retain patients requesting facial aesthetic services.

He has published numerous articles on the clinical and non-clinical aspects of facial aesthetics and spoken at dental and facial aesthetics conferences on these topics.


Aesthetics was shortlisted in Private Dentistry Awards 2012 and 2013 under the Best Facial

Aesthetics Clinic and finalist in 2012 MyFaceMyBody under Best Aesthetics Clinic.

He was a normal GDP and if he can build a successful facial aesthetics clinic, so can you.

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