PDO Lifting Threads New Approach to Skin Rejuvenation

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PDO Lifting Threads New Approach to Skin Rejuvenation

This book is your way to a successful practice

Paperback – 103 pages

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About Author: Dr. Irina Lopandina

About Author: Dr. Irina Lopandina

Dr.Irina Lopandina

Dr. Lopandina Irina

Medical Doctor, MD, Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine Specialization Member of WOSAAM, IFM, International trainer of Reachback LTD.

Annually participate in the international anti-aging Congresses and exhibitions; regularly provide workshops and lectures, author of the book “PDO Lifting Threads –New approach to skin rejuvenation”.

Dr. Lopandina Irina is a holder of more than 30 professional certificates and diplomas in various fields of aesthetic medicine.

This book is for beginners and advanced dermato-cosmeticians, plastic surgeons and cosmetologists who want to be successful in the field rejuvenation of skin.

Dr Lopandina, the author shares with her own of methods and work experience with PDO lifting threads and the book provides a classification of methods of PDO Threads, schemes , photos , methods combination with black peel Resurfacing, stem cells.


PDO Lifting Threads Nose

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PDO Lifting Threads decollete

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PDO Lifting Theads for Gladella

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PDO Lifting Threads CHIN

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PDO Lifting Threads for double chin rejuvination

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PDO Lifting Theads and Plasmolifting

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PDO Threads lower eyelid

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