PDO Thread Lifting 101

Standard Procedure of Absorbable Thread Lifting

Written by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons:

Won Seok Lee, Sang Jun Lee, Hwa Jung Yoo, Ga Yeon Jang, Dong Hye Seo

181 Pages [ Hardcover ]

Plus 15 Minutes Video Guide

Published 27-03-2019

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Part 01 Generals
CHAPTER 01 Principle of Thread Lifting
CHAPTER 02 Types of Thread
1 . Name of Thread
2. Types by Function of PDO thread
3. Selection Criteria for Actual Use
4. Product Category by Company

Part 02 Particulars
CHAPTER 03 Counseling before Procedure

CHAPTER 04 Procedure Preparation

CHAPTER 05 Methods of Anesthesia : Cream Anesthesia

CHAPTER 06 Methods of Procedure
1. Design by Face and Skin type
1) 40-70s with Thin and Dry Skin
2) 40-70s with Thick Skin
3) 40-70s with Thin skin and Less Sagging
4) 20-30s Wanting V Line: Jawline
5) Case of Severe Nasolabial Fold
6) 70-80s’ Wrinkle
7) Neck Wrinkle (Diagonal Insertion)
2. Cog Thread Procedure for Lifting
3. Mono Thread Design for Elast icity
l) Nasolabial Fold
2) Marionette Line
3) Jawline
4) Double Chin
5) Eyebags & periorbital wrinkle
6) Forehead Wrinkle
7) Glabella wrinkle
4. Mono Thread Procedure Method for Elasticity
l) Nasolabial Fold
2) Marionette Line
3) Jawline
4) Double Chin
5) Periorbital wrinkle
6) Forehead Wrinkle
7) Glabella wrinkle

CHAPTER 07 Care and Precautions after Procedure
l . Care after Procedure
2. Precautions after Procedure
3. Care after Procedure
4. Form of Precautions after Procedure for Patients

CHAPTER 08 How to Prevent and deal with Side Effects
l. Frequent Side Effects
l) Facial asymmetry
2) Ecchymosis & Hematoma
3) Erythema
4) Swelling
5) Infection
6) Skin Dimpling and Skin Irregularities
7) Thread Migration & Protrusion
8) Palpable Thread Ends with Pain
2. Rare side effects
l) Parotid Gland/Duct Rupture
2) Nerve Damage
3) Scar Formation in the Entrance Sites
4) Granuloma
5) Chronic Foreign Body Sensation

l. Common FAO(l-19)
2. FAO about Side Effects 719

Appendix 01 Following and Mastering Thread Lifting with 15 Minutes of Video
Appendix 02 Quick Design of Cog Thread
Appendix 03 Quick Design of Mono Thread

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