Prevention and management of aesthetic complications

Author: Patrick Treacy


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As the popularity of soft tissue fillers increases, so do the reports of adverse events. During the COVID-19 pandemic, dermal fillers made headlines as it was reported that some patients who had cosmetic fillers experienced side effects after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines that utilize mRNA technology. The most serious complications are vascular in nature and unfortunately include the possibility of blindness. Although the risk of blindness from fillers is rare, it is critical for injecting physicians to have a firm knowledge of the vascular anatomy and to understand key prevention and management strategies. The risk of complication is greater for less experienced practitioners and there needs to be a greater focus on anatomy, injection technique and product-specific variables. Hence, the need for this book. Other reasons exist, including choice of product, improper injection technique resulting in nodule formation, surface irregularities, overcorrection, and asymmetry. As this is an emerging field of medicine, different strategies of correction tend to exist, The authors hope this book may be of value to all the young doctors who are wondering what career path to follow.




Nicholas Moellhoff, Sebastian Cotofana

Botulinum toxin related complications

Marina Landau, Fotini Bageorgou, Christopher Rowland-Payne

Complications associated with ablative lasers

Natasa Teovska Mitrevska, Ashraf Badawi

Perioral complications

Shashank Bhargava, Gulhima Arora, George Kroumpouzos

Nasal complications post-dermal filler injections

Beatriz Molina

Reducing complications in the periorbital region

Taimur Shoaib

Complications of the temporal region

Gurnam Virdi

Hyaluronidase and hyperpigmentation

Annalisa Calisti, Torello Lotti

Thread lifting: types, techniques and complications

George Sulamanidze

Complications of peels

Hugues Cartier, Jean-Luc H. Vigneron

DONs and DORs related to soft tissue filler treatment

Martyn King

Ultrasound imaging in the treatment of filler complications

Peter Velthuis, Leonie Schelke

Complications from regenerative therapy for breast augmentation: autologous fat transfer and PRP

Carolyn DeLucia

Radiofrequency microneedling safety and complication prevention

Steven F. Weiner

Case Reports

Patrick Treacy

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About The Author: Dr. Patrick Treacy

Patrick Treacy is one of the first pioneers of the field of Aesthetic Medicine. He was awarded ‘Top Aesthetic Practitioner in the World’ (2019, Las Vegas) as well as ‘Top Medical Aesthetic Practitioner UK & Ireland’ (2019), earning himself a lifetime achievement place in the MyFaceMyBody AestheticMedicine Hall of Fame.

He has contributed to many new techniques and protocols and has been given specialist research awards by the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (London), Irish Healthcare Awards (Dublin), IMCAS Scientific Committee(Paris), AMWC Scientific Committee (Monaco), Azerbaijani College of Aesthetic Medicine (Baku), and the CMME Medal of ‘Medical Excellence’ (Mexico).

He has been cited amongst the ‘Ultimate 100 Global AestheticLeaders’ for the past four years.