SAFI (Sequential Autologous Fat Injection)

Author: Kyoung-Jin Kang

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“Dedicated to my academic advisor of medical school, the late professor Byoung-Duek Jun, who had guided me into becoming a human anatomist.”

 As a cosmetic surgeon who majored in human anatomy, I am very delighted to share my method of SAFI(Sequential Autologous Fat Injection) which considers structure and function, aging process, and influence of gravity on all areas of the face. Various hypotheses and detailed method of SAFI technique are discussed in this book. It is expected to be helpful for doctors who try to perform fat graft for the first time and even for those who are currently practicing fat graft actively.

 In addition, I hope that the principles of SAFI established from my personal experience in this book are also applicable to any aesthetic augmentation using various man-made fillers. My first Korean edition of SAFI book had already published in 2011(ISBN978-89-92000-93-4). I would like to introduce that this book is published in English, as an updated version of previous contents and results.

 Lastly, the readers’advice and encouragement are always welcomed for further development of facial fat graft technique.

 I wish you success in your career of facial fat grafting.

Kyoung-Jin (Safi) Kang



CHAPTER 1. Anatomy for facial fat grafting

1. Facial aesthetic units and skin

2. Subcutaneous fat layer

3. Superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS)

4. Ligamentous fixation

5. Muscle of face

6. Facial blood vessel

7. Facial nerve

8. Facial bone

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