The Business of Dermatology

Edited by Jeffrey S. DoverandKavita Mariwalla


384 pages

Publication Date: May 2020

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The ultimate guide to managing the multifaceted business aspects of a dermatology practice

Although board-certified dermatologists provide the best care for their patients, managing a practice and optimizing every facet of the business is a daunting endeavor. Business acumen is not taught in residency and is the most overlooked aspect of any given practice. The Business of Dermatology, written by esteemed dermatologists Jeffrey S. Dover, Kavita Mariwalla, and an impressive group of experts, provides a rare opportunity to learn about the operations side of practices across the country. Written in an informal tone, this unique book enables readers to be privy to a “40-way chat” with dermatologists whose practices are flourishing.

With a vast wealth of information relevant to the business side of a dermatology practice, this remarkable resource fills the gap between the training phase and the acquisition of professional confidence. Fifty-five chapters offer insightful, highly practical pearls for everyone—from early-career dermatologists and those in solo-practice to employed physicians in large groups. Even the most seasoned practitioners will benefit from firsthand knowledge and real-world tips shared by physicians who have made their own mistakes trying to get practices off the ground and maintain them.

Key Features

  • Written by top dermatologists from the perspective of “if we knew then what we know now…”
  • Organized in a format and style conducive to easy reading, with practical tips to implement immediately
  • Covers all practice-relevant topics, including office space and equipment, managing financials, diverse practice models, human resources, employment considerations, patient issues, pricing, essential surgical tools/supplies, marketing, and much more
  • Top ten lists in each chapter highlighting the key take-home points


The Business of Dermatology is an indispensable, one-stop source for all trainee and practicing dermatologists who need insightful guidance on setting up, organizing, managing, or optimizing their practice.

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Section I Bricks and Mortar
1 To Rent or to Buy: That is the Question
2 Location
3 How Much Space Do I Need?
4 Creating a Business Plan
5 Room Layout
6 Office Flow
7 Creating a Practice Ambiance
8 Photography and Space Requirements for every day and Clinical Trials
9 Corporate Structure: Limited Liability and Taxation
10 Academic versus Private Practice
11 Managing the Telecom and IT of Your Business: The Central Nervous System of a Medical Practice
12 Choosing and Implementing an Electronic Medical Record System
13 Private Equity and Venture Capital-Backed Practice Models
Section II Human Resources
14 Essential Components of an Employee Manual
15 Vision and Mission Statement
16 Employees versus Independent Contractors
17 Salaried versus Hourly Wage: Which is Better and for What Positions?
18 The Practice Administrator
19 A Primer on Employment Law for Dermatology Practices
20 Essential Policies
21 Questions to Ask When Bringing on a Physician
22 Designing Your Cosmetic Dermatology Practice for Maximum Efficiency: A Case Study
Section III Patient Relations
23 “It Depends”: No-show Fees, Cancellation Policies, and Deposits for Procedures
24 Reminder Calls/Texts: Implementing an Effective Appointment Reminder System
25 Is There a Better Way to Answer Calls?
26 Critical Components of Consents and Documentation
27 Patient Portals and Communication in the Age of EMR
28 Teledermatology Ground Rules
29 Risk Management
Section IV The Daily Grind
30 The Ideal Schedule
31 Delegating: Physician Extenders and Integration into a Practice
32 Managing Expectations of Staff
33 Pricing Cosmetic Procedures
34 Integrating Cosmeceuticals into Daily Practice
35 Building a Budget/Calculating Overhead
36 Evaluating Pharmacies and Patient Coupons
37 Deciding What Services to Provide
38 Evaluating a Laser for Purchase and Calculating a Return on Investment for a Device
39 Evaluating Costs of Fillers and Toxins: Brand Loyalty versus Offering Everything
Section V The Nitty-Gritty
40 Essential Instruments
41 Essential Stock to Start a Practice
42 Essential Stock for Cosmetic Procedures: How to Determine What to Carry, and Control Inventory and Costs
43 What Devices Does Your Practice Need?
44 Loyalty and VIP Programs
Section VI Your Image
45 The Most Important Components of a Successful Website
46 Social Media
47 Creating and Nurturing a Brand/Logo
48 Managing Your Online Reputation
49 Tips for the Media
50 Marketing and Advertising Your Dermatology Practice
Section VII Miscellaneous
51 Growing Your Practice
52 Mohs: Outsource or Keep In-House
53 The Ground Rules of Teaching in a Private Practice
54 Staying Active Nationally in the Years after Residency
55 Getting Involved in Advocacy

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