Advanced DIY Suture Pad with Hook & Loop Tissue Tension Device for Practice

Upgraded with a hook & loop design and skin-like layers, the newest DIY suture pad is the perfect suture practice substitute for bananas and pork skin. An advanced & necessary tool for medical students to improve suture skills in daily life.

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Advanced DIY Suture Pad
An upgraded suture pad is designed to make DIY incisions in different widths and depths. It has a thickness of 0.83inches with two mesh layers, which is thicker than the other suture pad on the market, which allows you to customize simulated wounds to suit your own suture practice demand. With mesh layers, this DIY suture pad enables it to be used more than 100 times with the proper use method, which is well-recommended among the suture workshops, suture courses, and CME education schools.
Arch Hook & Loop Design for the Skin Suture Pad
The arch idea comes from the feedback from Pro-Health students and nurses in internships. As you prefer, put the wounds at the top of the device, the wounds will be much deeper and larger than the ones you lay flat on the desk. It offers the user a more realistic feel and increases the challenge when closing the tissue under varying degrees of tension. The hook & loop design of this skin suture pad enables the replacement of the skin suture pads, which can help save cost.
The Quality of Suture Practice Pad
Our DIY suture practice pad is tested by professional doctors, medical school teachers & students. The suture practice pad works great and is qualified for educational exams and study practice, teaching demonstrations, and practice before starting a real job or residency.
Use Suture Pad Correctly for a Long Time
The suture pad is made of Silicone, which is the closest to the human body’s skin texture. If we’re not proficient in suturing skills, the silicone material will be broken. The same skin rip & break situation will probably happen in reality caused by non-proficient and less-practice suturing skin.

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