Injection Training Practice Simulation Human Skin Model Pad

Lifelike and very soft skin texture, feel real, toughness.
3 layers structure (skin/fat/muscle) Injection pad.

Skin size:(7.1 x 4 x 1.1″ – 18x10x2.5 cm, Super soft skin placed on Sturdy Base


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Suitable for injection training, infusion training, blood transfusion and skin suture, injection training.
It is possible to perform multiple incisions on surgical procedures and suture related learning basic training.
3 silicone layers (skin/flat/muscle) with base for easier practice.
Can perform a variety of basic surgical skills training, including: incision, suturing techniques, knotting, thread trimming, needle removal
The main function:
There are multiple blood vessels in the module that can be used for puncture exercises.
The skin texture is very realistic, repeated puncture, and the pinhole is not obvious.
It can be used for intravenous injection, infusion (blood), blood and other puncture training.
There is a clear sense of injection loss, and the correct puncture has been restored to the blood produced.
The feeling of touching the blood vessels under the skin and the feeling of injection is similar to that of a real person.

Lifelike and very soft skin texture, feel real, toughness.
3 layers structure (skin/fat/muscle) makes operation more convenient. The first layer is the Skin layer, the thickness is 2mm, the second layer is the Fat layer, the thickness is 8mm, and the third layer is the Muscle layer, the thickness is 10mm.
The Skin Suture Training Module is suitable for practicing basic surgical skills.
It can provide technical exercises such as cutting, suturing, knotting, trimming and removing sutures. It is a new type of suture training module.
Easy to practice your suturing and knotting techniques, will not slide around when you practice.
The unique composite material will not break the silicone when the knot is pulled.
When you use it, you can add various wounds as needed to simulate cutting and sewing exercises. Be carefully to remove sutures and not damage on the pads, this pad can be used multiple times.

  • Realistic Silicone Skin Quality3 skin layersSkin/Fat/Muscle), 4 Veins Imbedded(2 Sizes)
  • Can be used for Venipuncture IV Injection, Injection Training, Infusion training, Blood transfusion and Skin Suture Training
  • Skin size:(7.1 x 4 x 1.1″), Super soft skin placed on Sturdy Base
  • How To Use: The Pad has 4 blood vessels. The two red blood vessels can be injected with red ink or red medicine instead of blood by a syringe. After filling, the injection will produce a blood return effect. Two green blood vessels are open and can be used for infusion exercises.

100% new high quality
Color: as shown
Style: as shown
Uses: medical practice model
Packing: 1 Injection skin model pad

Weight2 kg
Dimensions26 × 37 × 3 cm


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