Dermatologic Surgery with Radiofrequency: Art of Successful Practice

1st Edition

Author: Bipin Deshpande

Published May 30, 2018
Reference – 120 Pages – 204 Color Illustrations

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This book offers useful insight into the new dermatologic surgical applications of radiofrequency, besides elaborating the basic applications of the same exhaustively. This book will also provide invaluable practical inputs for the skillful management of surgery in Dermatology and Aesthetic practice.

Table of Contents


  • Introduction
  • Office Dermatologic Surgery
  • Pre-requisites of Office Dermatologic Surgery
  • Selection of Surgical Modality
  • Why Radiofrequency?
  • Practical Tips of Switch over to Radiofrequency
  • Fundamental Features of Radiofrequency Surgery
  • Radiofrequency Surgery Operative Skills: Tips and Tricks to Master Technique
  • Precautions and Safety Measures
  • Radiofrequency Surgery Rehearsal or Practice Sessions
  • Patient Assessment and Counselling
  • Applications
  • Specific Applications: Radiofrequency Commonality
  • Expanding the Applications of RF Dermatologic Surgery
  • Gems and Jewels of Radiofrequency Surgery
  • Biopsy using Radiofrequency Surgery
  • Post-operative Recovery and Care
  • Complications: Tips and Tricks to Minimize Complications
  • Post Radiofrequency Surgery Outcome
  • Achieving Aesthetically Superior Results: Tips and Tricks
  • Noteworthy Cases
  • From Fantasy to Factuality



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