Hair Transplantation

The Art of Micrografting and Minigrafting

Written by Alfonso Barrera and Carlos Uebel

448 pages

2nd New edition edition (5 Dec. 2013)



This is a unique book that is very authoritative, as well as quite comprehensive, in the growing field of hair transplantation surgery and management.BIZ INDIA

Hair loss affects millions of men and women worldwide. As plastic surgeons and dermatologists seek to expand their practices, hair transplantation is a natural area of focus. This new edition provides these physicians with the information they need to add hair transplantation techniques to their practices.

Dr. Alfonso Barrera and Dr. Carlos Uebel, the two leading experts on hair restoration, have collaborated to produce a totally rewritten and revised book which includes many new techniques and 14 new chapters focusing on cutting-edge topics such as, platelet-enriched growth factors, tissue engineering cloning, and autologous cellular therapy. These world-renowned experts describe the latest techniques of follicular unit micrografting and minigrafting which help physicians avoid the unnatural hairlines and the plugged appearance so characteristic of early transplant procedures. Furthermore, they provide the tools surgeons need to increase the scope of their aesthetic practices and improve the cosmetic results from both aesthetic and reconstructive procedures with updated information to help avoid problems of healing and potential complications.

Whether a surgeon is treating major male pattern baldness or attempting to camouflage a scar following a face lift, this book will prove invaluable and is essential reading for anyone performing hair grafting or face-lifting techniques.

One to two DVDs contain the following videos pioneered by these experts:

  • Planting and Dissecting Minigrafts
  • Operative Technique for Treating Male Pattern Baldness
  • Operative Technique for Treating Female Sideburn Loss After Facelift
  • Operative Technique for Reconstructing the Eyebrow, Scalp, Moustache, and Eyelash
  • Performing Facelift and Hair Transplantation in a Single Surgery