Laser in Aesthetic Medicine (DVD)


DVD number 5 of 5 (Aesthetic Medicine Series):

Laser in Aesthetic Medicine)

Author : Alberto Massirone



DVD number  5 of 5 Aesthetic Medicine: Laser in Aesthetic Medicin.  Author : Albetrto Massirone


  • Physical Principles of Laser
  • interaction with Tissues
  • Types of Laser used in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Criteria For Choise and Places Application

Practical Descriptions Of Specific Uses:

  • The Surgical and Dermatological Laser
  • The fractional Laser
  • The Vascular Laser
  • The Laser for remuval of Tatooos and Hyperpigmentation
  • The Laser for hair Removal

Please Note:Video extract below from DVD Number 2 (Fillers). This is not the contents of this DVD  but is just a sample for you to valuate the quality of the DVD and contents.

Aesthetic Medicine Fillers – Massirone

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