Anatomy and Proportions in Asian Patients

For safe aesthetic and regenerative medicine

Author: Mario Goisis

Co-Author: Magda Guareschi

Printed in September 2017

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Anatomy and Proportions in Asian Patients

For safe aesthetic and regenerative medicine

The knowledge of anatomy simplifies the injection of fillers, fat and threads. By the

5 layers anatomy-based protocol, it is easier to do medical treatments preserving

the nerves and the vessels. The step by step approach is the best prevention of

disastrous complications such as necrosis or blindness. The specific proportions and

indications for treatment in Asian patients are discussed.


Proportions 1

Introduction 32

Cutis 38

Hypodermis 46

Smas and muscles 66

Deep compartments 130

Bone 152

Danger zones, nerves and vessels 158

Materials 188

The 9 suggestions 223

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About the Author: Dr.Mario Goisis

Dr.Mario Goisis received his medical degree from Milan University. He is Certi ed in Maxillofacial Surgery.
He is a Cosmetic Surgeon and Clinical researcher and is founder and medical director of Doctor’s Equipe, a group of 9 clinics.

He loves Western and Asian art, in particular Italian Renaissance and Chinese and Japanese native painting. As an invited speaker, he has lectured extensively in China, Japan and Asean countries.
In recent years Dr. Goisis has presented and patented innovative treatments about regenerative medicine and in aesthetic non invasive procedures.
He has written many scienti c articles and books about aesthetic and regenerative medicine and surgery.

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