Eye rejuvenation and upper eyelid

Author Francesco Romeo

167 pages

Bilingual: English and Italian

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INTRODUCTION by Giovanni Botti

The upper eyelids are certainly one of the most important areas of the face from an aesthetic point of view, despite their small size. If they are swollen and heavy due to an excess of skin and / or of fat, the look appears tired and sad. If they show a hollow aspect, with a too high positioned upper eyelid groove, the face is given an aged, if not even skeletal, appearance.

Dr. Romeo has done well to dedicate an entire volume to this particu- lar facial area proposing traditional solutions as well as little-known techniques, such as the re-shaping of the furrow by the infiltration of hyaluronic acid.

Dr. Romeo’s book has a practical approach and offers numerous examples of defects that need to be addressed in clinical practice, with common solutions described in great detail. Certainly his inte- resting observations on the different problems dealt with from an original aesthetic point of view and the corresponding therapeutic proposal through the anatomic approach are most worthwhile.

The work is richly illustrated with photographs depicting various possible defects to be found in the upper eyelids accompanied with the corresponding outcome after the procedures suggested by the author. Furthermore, the interested reader will be able to find instructions on the solutions and treatment of some reported complications.

In conclusion, I have no doubt that this new book written by Francesco Romeo will certainly have a great success among plastic surgeons.

Giovanni Botti

Preface and aim of the work

How we look to each other is the main way we express our emotions and the basis of the communication process in our world. Looking through the eyes is the way we feel we can trust the person who stands in front of us; frowning to mean one can hardly understand; looking with clear eyes to mean one can trust us; bad looking to express menace; wet eyes to express say emotions; raising one’s eyes to convey satisfaction; winking to congratulate ……the LOOK is an open window on emotions, and making it fresh and youthful is by far the most exciting request asked for by patients. I have devoted myself to this stimulating issue with growing passion since I attained the satisfaction of patients in the day to day professional practice as well as the interest of other doctors who, after having attended courses where I was a speaker, successfully treated their patients by adopting my method.

For these reasons I decided to write this monograph to devolve my experience to the practice of other colleagues. Mainly because many pieces of information can go lost even with useful informative pictures, while “scripta manent” …here I am to explain my personal experience …first of all to teach how to avoid mistakes and to support performing a correct technique.

I always rely on a very useful suggestion…..nothing is easy in medical practice,

and in surgical practice even less.

Francesco Romeo

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